Inside The Distance
We Are All Victims | We Are All Offenders

Inside the Distance is an interactive documentary
about Restorative Justice, an alternative to retributive
justice and punishment. Restorative Justice engages
those affected by a crime in resolving the damage the
crime has caused. In Belgium restorative justice is part
of the criminal justice system. Victims and offenders
are offered the opportunity to take an active part in
the conclusion of their case through mediation. In
mediation, victims and offenders meet face-to-face.
Each gives an account of their own experience of the
crime and its impact on their life. Each is heard and

Inside the Distance stages reenactments of this encounter
as described by victims, offenders and mediators. It explores
the subject position of each party - and the many ways in
which those positions are fluid.

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"Inside the Distance"

by Sharon Daniel

interface programming and development

  • Lucas Miller


  • Ivo Aertsen
  • Mies Beckers
  • Kristel Buntix
  • Paul Dauwe
  • Davy Dhondt
  • Bram Van Droogenbroeck
  • Liesbeth Eggen
  • Katty Eylenbosch
  • Janine Geske
  • Minne Huysmans
  • Sigrid Van Grunderbeeck
  • Vicky de Mesmaecker
  • Katrien Mestdagh
  • Catherine Paulus
  • Maarten Surdiacourt
  • Leo Van Garsse
  • Inge Vafraechem
  • Bie Vanseveren
  • Pieter Verbeeck
  • Lode Walgrave
  • Minne


  • Laurie Guerin Carnel
  • Allegra Rose Edwards
  • Emily Harris
  • Jason Hermann
  • Chloe Johnston
  • George Lane
  • Jeb Purucker
  • Felicia Rice
  • Zachary Rich
  • Lori Rivera
  • James Rothbart
  • James Schoonover
  • Mathew Schreiber

production assistance [Belgium]

  • Valery Broeckx

research assistance [Belgium]

  • Vicky de Mesmaecker
  • Brunhilda Pali

production assistance [US]

production managers

  • Alexander Johnston
  • Kyle McKinley


  • Benjamin Schultz-Figueroa, AP
  • Alexander Johnston, ADP
  • Kati Greaney, DP

production assistants

  • Emily Harris
  • Megan Needels
  • Zachary Rich
  • James Rothbart
  • Naomi Wainwright
  • Catherine Ellwood
  • Alopule "Marshall" Tapaatoutai
  • Jessica Singer


  • Tina Hand


  • Lisa Sprinkle

assistant editors

  • Megan Needels
  • Naomi Wainwright
  • Zachary Rich
  • Benjamin Schultz-Figueroa
  • Alexander Johnston

sound design

  • Maile Colbert

project running on the SCALAR platform with thanks to Erik Loyer,Craig Dietrich and Tara McPherson